International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (DOK Leipzig)

The International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (DOK Leipzig) is the largest German festival for artistic documentary and the oldest one in the world. It was founded in 1955 in the times of the Cold War and looks back on a rich history where filmmakers from east and west as well as from Latin America, Asia and Africa met and exchanged views.

From October 30 until November 6 2017, it takes place in several cinemas and locations in Leipzig. The programme is very varied, rich and international and is supposed to broaden your horizon and awaken your interest in the life of different people all around the globe.

This year’s festival centre will be the “Museum der bildenden Künste” Leipzig. Tickets are available there, in the festival cinemas and on the festival website. You can either buy single tickets for all films or festival season tickets.

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Intercultural Weeks in Leipzig, September 17 until October 1

Every year, the City of Leipzig coordinates the Intercultural Weeks – two weeks full of events organized by numerous institutions, organizations and associations.

The Leipzig Intercultural Weeks aim at contributing to the living together of Leipzig’s citizens of different origin, culture and religion. They could enrich each other with respect, tolerance and acceptance.

Here you can find the colourful programme which offers events for each and everybody.

Westbesuch in Leipzig Plagwitz, September 9 2017

We recommend a street festival in Leipzig-Plagwitz to take advantage of the last sunbeams:  The so-called “Westbesuch”! It is an amazing opportunity to get to know the western parts of Leipzig with its unique atmosphere. On September 9 from 11 a.m., there will be an arts, culture and flea market on the grounds of the initiative “Bürgerbahnhof Plagwitz”, located close to the well-known Karl-Heine street.

There will also be different hands-on activities: Especially the integrational projekt “Bunte Gärten Leipzig” invites you to do handicrafts using natural materials.

To make sure that you won’t get hungry, different stands offer varied international food.

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On the map you can see how to get there. Please take tram 14 until the station “Plagwitz”. From there, it is only a 5 minutes walk as indicated on the map.

Exhibition at Leipzig Kunstkraftwerk: Stateless

The Leipzig Kunstkraftwerk is a relatively new centre of arts in the quarter of Plagwitz in the industrial west of Leipzig. With its unique video installations and interactive exhibitions , it is a very interesting place to visit.

From July 1 until August 13, the Leipzig Kunstkraftwerk hosts a new video installation called “Stateless” by Shimon Attie, an artist from New York. The projection tells the story of Syrian refugees who fled from their war-torn home country. Flight, loss and belonging are the main topics that are shown through the pictures which were developed exclusively for the former “Kesselhalle”, a hall in the former industrial plant which is now the Kunstkraftwerk.

Besides, there is a photo exhibition which documents two additional projects by Shimon Attie. He is a world-known photo and video artist who has been working on the topics identity, loss and belonging for almost 25 years.

A political and artistic supporting programme rounds off the exhibition: Initiatives from Leipzig organize lectures, photo projects and theatre plays.

More information can be found on the Kunstkraftwerk website.


Audio drama festival: Leipziger Hörspielsommer

The “Leipziger Hörspielsommer” is the biggest festival for audio drama in Germany. Every year, thousands of people gather at the Richard-Wagner-Hain, one of the beautiful parks in Leipzig, located directly next to the river to listen to different audio dramas. This year, it will take place from July 7 to July 16.

This year, the “Hörspielsommer e.V.” chose about 80 productions which you can listen to for free during the ten festival days. The festival programme is tailored to the different visitors: In the afternoon, there is a colourful programme for children and teenagers while the evening offers productions for adults. Every day has a different motto and something special to offer. There will not only be recorded audio dramas, but also live performances and two competitions for audio drama productions.

Here you can find the full festival programme.

If you have become curious now, come and discover the world of audio drama by yourself with a cool drink and a picknick blanket on Richard-Wagner Hain!

Fête de la musique, June 21

Faites de la musique! (make music) is the motto of the Music Day on June 21. The event was originally initiated by the French Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, who thought it was a pity that even though many people played an instrument, there were not many public concerts. In 1982, the first “Fête de la musique” took place in Paris and ever since, it has been celebrated in more than 700 cities in more than 120 countries with thousands of concerts in public places, clubs and concert venues.

Leipzig is one of these cities and there will be a colourful programme in very different in- and outdoor locations. All concerts are for free (one of the principles of the festival).
You can find the programme of this year’s Fête de la musique in Leipzig on the website of the institut français.

Et alors: Ecoutez de la musique!

Bachfest Leipzig, June 9-18 2017

The Bach festival is a very important musical festival in Leipzig that attracts 75 000 visitors every year. Musical pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach and other important classical composers are performed in different locations all around the city centre in more than 100 events.

This year’s motto is “Ein schoen new Lied – Musik und Reformation” (A beautiful new song – music and reformation). You can listen to many pieces by Bach which are related to lutheran chorals and to the reformation.

There is also a “Bach Open Air” at the market place in Leipzig which is free of charge and a good opportunity for those who want to enjoy classical music in a relaxed environment.

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Classic Open Air at Leipzig Rosental

At the end of every Gewandhaus season, the orchestra organizes special open air concerts at the Rosental park in Leipzig to thank their guests for a successful season. Thousands of people gather in the park to have a picnic and listen to classical music. The event is for free and is the perfect chance of getting to know the Leipzig Gewandhaus orchestra, meeting friends and enjoying a mild summer evening outside.

This year, the event “Klassik airleben” will take place on June 23 and 24 at 8 p.m.

To get to the Rosental park, please take tram 12 from Hauptbahnhof to Leipzig Zoo.

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Wave-Gotik-Treffen, June 2nd to June 5th

The famous culture and music festival takes place every year in Leipzig since 1992. From June 2nd to June 5th, the annual world festival for “dark” music and arts will transform Leipzig into a black city. About 20.000 visitors from all over the world come to Leipzig for this gothic event. As the Leipzig Glocal describes it: ” There’s a lot of black, but there’s also a lot of color” as many people in black as well as in colourful costumes dress up for the festival.

All over the city, different concerts and events attract both visitors and locals from Leipzig. For more information, see the Guide to Wave-Gotik-Treffen at the Leipzig Glocal Blog and the official festival homepage.

A special recommendation: The Victorian Picnic on Friday, June 2, from 2 to 5 p.m. in the Clara-Zetkin Park is totally worth a visit as you will have the chance to see how people dress up in Victorian, steampunk, baroque or all kinds of neo/dark romantic styles.



Streetfood Market at Feinkost Leipzig, May 20

The Streetfood Market at the Feinkost area is a colourful market offering food from all over the world. The market is a counterexample to the fastfood world of burgers, Döner, pizza, french fries…and aims to present class instead of mass! Between the exotic and the well-known, the aim of the streetfood is to present high-quality meals which cost around
5 € per dish.

Come around on Saturday, May 20, from 12 a.m. to 9 p.m.

To get there, please take tram 10 or 11 from Leipzig Hauptbahnhof to Südplatz.