Colorful Christmas Joy and Friends


Leipzig Museum of City History

“Visitors to the Old Town Hall can enjoy the colourful and gold-decorated dream architectures of the Szopki krakowskie, a very special nativity scene tradition. They magnificently highlight the traditions of Leipzig’s twin city. The Kraków nativity scenes are part of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. In Kraków, the tradition of building nativity scenes dates back to the 19th century – and it is still very much alive, as can be seen in Kraków’s main square every year.”


Alice in Wonderland


December 7, 8, 16, 17, 26, 29

Opera Leipzig

The ballet by Mirko Mahr shows the famous story of Alice and her way through wonderland. “The Cheshire Cat. The Mad Hatter. Lewis Carroll’s tale of adventure is full of whimsical, fantastical creatures. And it all begins with the White Rabbit: Alice follows him down a rabbit hole, and arrives in a curious land ­teeming with peculiar beings and the most absurd places. In no time at all, she joins a bizarre tea party and plays ­croquet with the Queen of Hearts. But most puzzling of all is Alice herself. As she bravely takes on Wonderland’s ­challenges, she is forced to answer the question: “Who in the world am I?””


Play and connect: Café for families, kids, everybody


Every Thursday, 2-5 pm

Theater der jungen Welt

You are interested in theater? In discovering and networking? The Theater der jungen Welt invites “refugees and their families as well as everyone interested in exchange to our theater.” You can bring your children! They “can play, do handicrafts, dress up, dance and much more. Adults can exchange ideas and talk with the theater team about how we can support. Various counseling services are on site regularly. Interpreters are present at every event. Coffee, cold drinks and snacks are available free of charge.”



Picture credits:

Photographs (from left to right): »Kraków nativity scenes (szopki krakowskie)«  © Muzeum Historyczne Miasta Krakowa
1 Szopka krakowska made by Jakub Zawadziński
2 Szopka krakowska made by Marzena Dłużniewska
3 Szopka krakowska made by Józef Madej
4 Detailansicht der Krippe made by Marzena Dłużniewska