Events in June 2022

Bildquelle:; Highlight des Leipziger Stadtfestes: 3D-Illuminationen auf dem Markt – Foto: Andreas Schmidt


City Festival

June 3 to 5, 2022

City center

Leipzig’s city center provides multiple places filled with music and dance. Visitors can enjoy various events at the market place, Augustusplatz, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz as well as at the Nikolaikirchhof.


Silky Lights


June 10 to 12, 2022

Twelve students and graduates of the Academy of Visual Arts (HGB) present their work at the spectacular bridge loft above the river Weiße Elster. Some of the selected works evoke associations with light, shine and lightness, some show different nuances of materiality, others suggest fragility, illusion and metamorphosis.



movie screening in English and Spanish with German subtitles

NaTo Leipzig

Ever since Jessica woke up by a loud bang, she has had trouble sleeping. Again and again she hears this mysterious noise that nobody else seems to notice. She travels to Bogotá and tries to track it. Tilda Swinton and director Apichatpong Weerasethakul take the audience on an audiovisual journey and present an indescribable experience made for the cinema.


New York 9/11 – War in Times of Peace

Current exhibition

Panometer Leipzig

The path through the exhibition offers a chronological journey through the past 20 years, all the way back to 11th September 2001. Five installations start by visualising the less visible consequences of that fateful day: the suffering caused in war-torn countries in the Middle East, the huge follow-up costs of the war on terror, the fates of the refugees and witnesses, the nameless victims of torture, the hostilities and the persecution which were all a direct consequence of 9/11. At the end of the chronology, the NEW YORK 9/11 panorama shows the scene at the World Trade Center on the morning of 11th September 2001 at 08:41, five minutes before the attacks took place.

Exhibitions in May 2022

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Museum Night Halle & Leipzig

May 7th, 2022

Please notice: Tickets are only available online and in advance!

After pausing for two years 82 museums and galleries in Leipzig and Halle invite to see their exhibitions. Under year’s motto “experience diversity” visitors can visit various locations between 6pm to 12am.


Distant devides. Zwischen Libanon und Deutschland.

(Between Lebanon and Germany)

Current exhibition

Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei / Halle14

“Lebanon and Germany share histories of internal East and West divides. Beirut’s Green Line separated the Muslim and Christian communities during the country’s 15 years of Civil War whilst the Berlin Wall divided the city into two ideologically contrasting zones. Despite these divisions, and in some cases because of them, a number of artists crossed from one land to another. […] Distant Divides is a long-term research project that explores the artistic exchange between Lebanon and Germany. The research starts in 1960, the year before the building of the Berlin Wall, and the outset of the ‘Golden Age’ in Beirut, which saw a flourish of cultural activity in the country.”


Jewelry + image

Current exhibition

GRASSI Museum of Applied Art

“Almost unnoticed, a collection of contemporary jewelry has grown in the museum over the last decades, which is now coming into the public eye. The objects attest to the gradual emancipation of jewelry design as an autonomous form of artistic expression. […] Thus, it is only logical to understand people and jewelry as a unity, and to photograph them with ‘their’ piece of jewelry. Personalities who are connected to the museum in various ways are ‘adorned’ and brought into the frame by aspiring and established photographers. In the exhibition, the pieces of jewelry correspond with the photographic works, making possible a deeper and more mutual perception.”


Chinese film festival Leipzig

May 25-May 28


The 9th time of the Chinese film festival presents various movies made by Chinese as well as international film makers portraying the Chinese world. Documentaries, short and feature movies show diverse facets of the culture and culture between tradition and modernity.

Exhibitions in April 2022

Wolfgang Mattheuer, Hinter den sieben Bergen, 1973, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2022


Leipzig: A Universe of Images. 1905-2022

Current exhibition

Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig

“The exhibition Leipzig: A Universe of Images. 1905-2022 presents more than 200 works, some well-known and others still unknown. […] Visitors are guided through the development of modern art in Leipzig over the last century up to the present day on the almost complete area of the third floor. […] From expressive painting strategies or sober-looking fine painting to abstract and ironic-naïve attitudes of contemporary art, visitors can experience the diversity of Leipzig art in the exhibition.”


Unter dem Radar. Originalgrafische Kunstplakate aus Ostdeutschland seit 1975

(Below the radar. Original-graphic art posters from East Germany since 1975)

Current exhibition until April, 18 2022

Museum für Druckkunst Leipzig

“Based on around 100 original graphic art posters from the collection of the Galerie am Sachsenplatz, supplemented by other items on loan, the museum gives an insight into countercultural initiatives and free spaces of art in East Germany. On the one hand, the show focuses on artists who were mainly active in printmaking in the GDR. These include Angela Hampel, Michael Morgner, Max Uhlig and the Clara Mosch group. On the other hand, the posters present less well-known art locations and the lively, non-state-controlled exhibition system in East Germany from Ahrenshoop to Zwickau.”


Offener Prozess

(Open Process – title is linked to the reappraisal of the NSU complex)

Current exhibition

Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig

“The exhibition “Offener Prozess” addresses the question of the NSU complex. Taking East German reality, particularly in Saxony, as its starting point, it tells a story of the NSU complex that begins with migration histories and continual right-wing and racist violence, along with the resistance shown against it. It uses a “living memory” approach, which brings marginalised perspectives into focus. It also examines structural and institutional racism.”


Leipzig 1813

Current exhibition

Panometer Leipzig

“On a 3,500 square-metre surface, the scenery of Leipzig unfolds in the direct aftermath of the Battle of the Nations in 1813.

From the roof of St. Thomas’ Church, the visitor follows the events from the perspective of the beset citizens. A total of 600,000 soldiers from all across Europe fought for four days until Napoleon’s campaigns of conquest on the continent were finally brought to an end. Leipzig is directly affected as the Panorama conveys in striking images. The streets are crowded with throngs of citizens, soldiers, those who fled and are stranded.”



Events in March 2022

Please bring your FFP2-mask to any event and download the Corona-Warn-App.


Romeo and Juliet


March 4, 7.30pm                  March 10, 7.30pm

March 18, 7.30pm                March 26, 7.30pm

“Romeo and Juliet’s love story belongs to the world. The tale of these star-crossed young lovers never fails to touch and inspire audiences and artists alike. Here, Mirko Mahr, director of the ballet of the Musikalische Komödie, retells this mythic tale with younger audiences in mind.”


Flea Market

Alte Messe Leipzig

March 6, starting 8am

The famous flee market opens its doors for the first time this year. Various antiques, furniture, household items and design pieces – art lovers will find something for their own collections for sure!


Chamber Music with the Staatskapelle Dresden

Gewandhaus Leipzig

March 6, 6pm

The Staatskapelle Dresden visits the Gewandhaus to delight its visitors with chamber music. The quintet embraces a piano, two violins, a viola as well as a violoncello.


Shalom: 1700 Years – an audio play journey

Unikatum – Children’s and Youth Museum

Tue – Fri: 2pm – 6pm; Sat & Sun: 10am – 6pm

For children and teenagers

The Unikatum invites to a journey through time: At audio stations visitors can listen to children talk about living in Jewish families and communities over the period of 17 centuries!



Events in February 2022

Vernissage: Harry Hachmeister

Museum der bildenden Künste

February 2, 6pm

“The show takes the form of an ongoing construction setup, incorporating elements of a building site and a fitness studio, where Hachmeister shows ceramics, reverse glass paintings and regular paintings. The design of the exhibition space gives it the feel of a snapshot of an ongoing reconstruction, frozen in dignified stillness.”

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February 5, 7pm

February 11, 7pm

“At the center of Edward Clug’s full-length narrative ballet created for the Ballett Zürich is the driven, doubting, selfish intellectual Faust. The musical basis for the piece, which marks the first time Clug – the head of the Slovenian National Ballet Maribor – appears at the Leipzig Ballet, comes from Milko Lazar, one of the most renowned Slovenian composers.”


Vernissage: Bilderkosmos Leipzig (‘Picture cosmos Leipzig’)

Museum der bildenen Künste

February 9, 6pm

The exhibition shows various art pieces about Leipzig from 1905 until now, 2022.

Please bring your FFP2-mask and download the Corona-Warn-App.


1985 – Movie Streaming

Passage Kino

February 23, 8pm

English with German subtitles

Visiting his conservative family in Texas for Christmas, the young and successful advertising agent Adrian Lester struggles with telling them about him being gay. He also wants to talk with them about the possibility that this could be his last visit…



Ideas, inspirations and events in January 2022

Upcycling ideas

Library Leipzig/Gohlis


In cooperation with the district library Leipzig Gohlis the idea of an upcycling workshop emerged. Due to the pandemic an online format was found that provides its viewers with creative ideas on how to upcycle textiles, kitchenware, decorative items etc.


Opera in two acts: Die Zauberflöte (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

Opera Leipzig

January 16, 2022 6pm

“This delightful mélange of tragic opera, mysterious magic game, and droll popular theater defies all attempts at classification. Mozart’s last work for the stage is at once a fairy tale and theater for the ages, written in a world on the cusp of historic and social upheaval.”

Internet project based on texts by Franz Kafka,

Schauspiel Leipzig


in German only; 4 episodes

Inspired by video conferences followed by bad reception, image interferences etc., the play connects today’s daily problems with the protagonist of Kafka’s “Schloss”. On his way looking for connections to the residents, K. wanders through a surreal parable. The Internet project by regisseur Philipp Preuss contains four episodes.


Bildquelle: Oper Leipzig;


dekoratives Foto

Cultural events in Leipzig in Dezember 2021

Online Events during the pandemic


Museum der bildenden Künste


The Exhibition HARRY HACHMEISTER. VON DISKO ZU DISKO would have started on Dec. 8, 2021 and will now due to the pandemic be shown online. The date as well as the format will be announced soon by the museum.


Dies Academicus of Leipzig University

December 2

This year the university celebrates its 612th birthday online. Institutes as well as departments prepared interesting presentations to various topics in German and English.

Foto: Universität Leipzig

Models of different organs in the exhibition "Organwelt"

Cultural events in Leipzig in November 2021

Flea market

November 6, 10am – 4pm

The Feinkost holds the flea market for the last time this year! A variety of stalls will transform the courtyard into a paradise for treasure hunters. Food will also be provided.

Feinkost, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 36 04107 Leipzig

French movie festival

November 17 – 24

The 26th edition of the French Film Days Leipzig starts on November 17, 2021 in the Passage Kinos and the Schaubühne Lindenfels. The charisma of francophone movies will be brought to the screen.


Every day, until November 20

The exhibition Organwelt Leipzig with numerous different oversized and accessible organ models takes visitors, whether young or old, on an unforgettable journey.

Explanations are mostly in German.

Agra Messepark, Bornaische Str. 210 04279 Leipzig

Exhibition “Max Klinger und die Universität Leipzig” (“Max Klinger and the Leipzig University)

Every day, until December 17 2021

The exhibition focusses on the mural “Die Blüte Griechenlands” (“The Blossom of Greece”). The artist Max Klinger created this 20×6 meter artwork in 1909 for the auditorium of Leipzig University. Burning during the Second World war, it was almost forgotten.

Neues Augusteum, Augustusplatz 10 04109 Leipzig


[picture taken from:]


Cultural events in Leipzig in October 2021

Lamento / Ballet

October 16, 7pm

October 24, 7pm

Leipzig Opera

After a 45 minute introduction to the ballet, the audience discovers “love, grief, parting, and the longing for freedom” as the main focus of the two-part ballet evening by choreograph Mario Schröder. An audience discussion after the play offers details about the production.

DOK Leipzig / International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film

October 25 – October 31

The International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (DOK Leipzig) is the largest German festival for artistic documentary and the oldest one in the world. The programme is very varied, rich and international. After the festival week, “DOK stream” will launch online and films will be accessible for streaming.

Opening Grassimesse / trade fair

October 28, 6pm-9pm

At Grassimuseum

Artists of applied arts and design sell their pieces at the international trade fair.


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Cultural events in Leipzig in September 2021

Nacht der Kunst / Night of Arts – cultural festival in the north of Leipzig

September 4, 4pm to 12am

Georg-Schumann-Straße, Leipzig

More than 200 artists exhibit their various art at 55 different locations. The program is made for the younger and the older generation and offers concerts, a fire show, dances etc.

Der Karneval der Tiere / The Carnival of the Animals

September 16, 17, 18 , 11am

Oper Leipzig

The famous ballet was written by the French composer Camille Saint-Saëns’ and gained popularity since its genesis. The chamber orchestra as well as two pianos enchant the audience.

Die Zauberflöte / The Magic Flute

September 18, 7pm

Oper Leipzig

The opera in two acts was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. “The experiences of the French Revolution are reflected here, as is the growing artistic interest in the darker sides of humankind, as well as the suppressed and the irrational.”

Der Vogel Anderswo / The Bird Elsewhere

September 13, 20, 21

Theater der jungen Welt Leipzig

The Bird Elsewhere is a Puppet Theatre in German and Arabic.

“In Syria, or, to be more exact, in the city of Damascus lives the little boy Nunu. And he has a little bird that resides in a cage. But its door is always open, for that the little bird is able to fly away and get back whenever he wants. And precisely because he is often not here, but elsewhere, he is also called »elsewhere «. But one day Nunu and his family obviously left home, because war is raging in the city. So Elsewhere’s journey begins.”


[Photo “The Carnival of the Animals” taken from:, photographer: Kirsten Nijhof]