Westbesuch in Leipzig Plagwitz | July 28

„Westbesuch“ takes place in the area around the railway station Plagwitz. It is a street festival that gives the opportunity to get to know a special part of Leipzig: the west. There are several different artists, galleries and theatres in this unique district. You will have the opportunity to experience some of them at the arts and flea market of “Westbesuch”.

The “Summer of Love” will start on July 28 at 11 a.m. We recommend trying some of the varied international food the different stands offer while enjoying the music (they are planning songs from the 1968s).

For more information, see: http://www.westbesuch.com and https://www.facebook.com/westbesuch/.

On the map you can see how to get there. Please take tram 14 until the station “Plagwitz”. From there, it is only a 5 minutes walk as indicated on the map.

Audio drama festival: Leipziger Hörspielsommer | July 6 to July 15

The “Leipziger Hörspielsommer” is the biggest festival for audio drama in Germany. Every year, thousands of people gather at the Richard-Wagner-Hain, one of the beautiful parks in Leipzig, located directly next to the river to listen to different audio dramas. This year, it will take place from July 6 to July 15.

You can listen to the audio drama productions for free during the ten festival days. The festival programme is tailored to the different visitors: In the afternoon, there is a colourful programme for children and teenagers while the evening offers productions for adults. Every day has a different motto and something special to offer. There will not only be recorded audio dramas, but also live performances and competitions for audio drama productions.

Here you can find the full festival programme.

If you are curious now, immerse yourself in the world of audio drama, grab a cool drink and a picnic blanket and make yourself comfortable on the Richard-Wagner-Hain.

photo: Hörspielsommer e.V.

Museumsnacht | museum night | 05.05.2018

The museum night Halle-Leipzig celebrates its anniversary: two cities, around 80 museums, art collections, galleries or archives, 330 events in just six hours, free shuttle between the participating institutions as well as Halle and Leipzig at a one-off price of a maximum of 10 euros.  This year’s motto is “CULT”.

The advance sale of the tickets starts on April 10th at all known ticket agencies. All information and the whole programme can be found on the museum night website.




Tapetenwerkfest 23.0 | 13.04.2018

The so-called “Tapetenwerk” (wallpaper factory) is a former factory from the period of promoterism which has become a place of creativity, new projects and ideas. Artists, designers, photographers and architects transformed this place into their offices and galleries. In spring and in autumn, the Tapetenwerk opens its doors to show the public what is going on in the building with its unique industrial architecture. Visitors can stroll around the studios to see the different artists’ creative work and exhibitions.
There will also be music by funkophon and food in the KANTINE.

The Tapetenwerkfest will take place on April 13 from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m.

For more information, see http://www.tapetenwerk.de/.

Gallery tour at Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig (HGB)

From February 15-18, 2017 the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig will host its annual student exhibition-Rundgang. During this four-day event, students and master-students from all classes are going to show what they’ve produced during the last year.
Furthermore on display is the recent Diploma work of this winter semester.
Their internationally acclaimed faculty members and all of their students are looking forward to seeing many guests, enjoying inspiring discussions, interactions, and a vibrant Academy on those special days.
Admission is free.

Annual student exhibition
Opening: Thursday, February 15, 6pm
Welcome: Thomas Locher, Rector
Performance by Snow (SeungLok Paik)

For more information, see the Facebook event (text taken from this event) or the HGB homepage.

photo by: Jan Sattler und Jakob Schenck [HGB]

Panometer Leipzig: 360° Panorama Fascination

The Panometer Leipzig offers the biggest 360° panorama views in the world since 2003. The pictures are created by Yadegar Asisi and are 32 meters high.
The current panorama shows the shipwreck of the Titanic in the Atlantic ocean in a depth of 4000 meters. The round image does not so much focus on the actual shipwreck of 1912, but rather on the limits of human creativity against the forces of nature.

The Panometer Leipzig is open every day and is worth a visit with the whole family. Besides the panorama itself, there is an exhibition about the Titanic.

Here you can get more information.

photo by Tom Schulze [www.leipzig.de]

Free admission to Leipzig Museums

photo credits: © VG Bild Kunst Bonn 2017 PUNCTUM / Alexander Schmidt

The entry to the following museums is free of charge:

…every first wednesday of a month:

…every first tuesday of a month:

…every wednesday:

…every second thursday of a month:

…every last Sunday of a month:


photo credits: © VG Bild Kunst Bonn 2017 PUNCTUM / Alexander Schmidt

English Theatre Leipzig: “CLOSER” on January 19 and 20, 8 p.m.

The English Theatre Leipzig performs the famous drama “Closer” by Patrick Marber in the theatre “Neues Schauspiel” in the West of Leipzig.
Here is a little description from the theatre’s website:

English Theatre Leipzig proudly presents the award winning drama, Closer, an elaborate character study of two couples as they engage in a complicated web of temptation and fulfillment. The plot revolves around infatuation and is the ultimate game of cat and mouse. All of the characters become obsessed with hurting each other and wreak some heavy emotional damage. Will any of them be strong enough to bring this destructive sequence of events to an end? Ultimately, the characters all use sex and emotions as weapons; but has their desire to “win” at the game of love actually diminished their capacity to love?

The play will be in English language. For more information, see the website of “Neues Schauspiel Leipzig”.
Here is where the theatre is located.

Book recommendation: “LE – Leipzig and the English-speaking World”

We would like to announce the publishing of a new book about Leipzig: “LE – Leipzig and the English-speaking”. The authors Elmar Schenkel and Kati Voigt show how English Leipzig and its citizens were in the past and are nowadays.

See more information in the blurb of the book:

How English is Leipzig?

You’ll be surprised to know how English (or Irish, Australian or what have you) it really is. The University itself was once headed by a Scotsman, American students came to study the newly founded discipline of psychology, while the mother of Australian literature, Henry Handel Richardson, wrote a novel about the city, its music and love affairs. One of the sons of Charles Dickens worked with the Leipzig publisher Tauchnitz, a name to be reckoned with in the world of English language books. And vice versa: how British was the Leipzig composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy; and what about the former Leipzig student who one day was to teach Sanskrit to Queen Victoria? And then there is the Saxon woman who became one of the first female naturalists in Australia and filled Leipzig’s Grassi Museum of Ethnology with her exotic collections.

Readers will not only discover these fascinating stories and biographies, but will also have a glimpse of English-speaking people living in this Eastern boomtown, running pubs and magazines, or of Leipzig’s twin cities, Houston and Birmingham.

Come on, pick up your copy and enjoy these cultural encounters – don’t miss this international dimension of LE!

“LE – Leipzig and the English-speaking World” published by Elmar Schenkel und Kati Voigt ISBN 978-3-95817-029-2 [D]