Events in December

Colorful Christmas Joy and Friends


Leipzig Museum of City History

“Visitors to the Old Town Hall can enjoy the colourful and gold-decorated dream architectures of the Szopki krakowskie, a very special nativity scene tradition. They magnificently highlight the traditions of Leipzig’s twin city. The Kraków nativity scenes are part of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. In Kraków, the tradition of building nativity scenes dates back to the 19th century – and it is still very much alive, as can be seen in Kraków’s main square every year.”


Alice in Wonderland


December 7, 8, 16, 17, 26, 29

Opera Leipzig

The ballet by Mirko Mahr shows the famous story of Alice and her way through wonderland. “The Cheshire Cat. The Mad Hatter. Lewis Carroll’s tale of adventure is full of whimsical, fantastical creatures. And it all begins with the White Rabbit: Alice follows him down a rabbit hole, and arrives in a curious land ­teeming with peculiar beings and the most absurd places. In no time at all, she joins a bizarre tea party and plays ­croquet with the Queen of Hearts. But most puzzling of all is Alice herself. As she bravely takes on Wonderland’s ­challenges, she is forced to answer the question: “Who in the world am I?””


Play and connect: Café for families, kids, everybody


Every Thursday, 2-5 pm

Theater der jungen Welt

You are interested in theater? In discovering and networking? The Theater der jungen Welt invites “refugees and their families as well as everyone interested in exchange to our theater.” You can bring your children! They “can play, do handicrafts, dress up, dance and much more. Adults can exchange ideas and talk with the theater team about how we can support. Various counseling services are on site regularly. Interpreters are present at every event. Coffee, cold drinks and snacks are available free of charge.”



Picture credits:

Photographs (from left to right): »Kraków nativity scenes (szopki krakowskie)«  © Muzeum Historyczne Miasta Krakowa
1 Szopka krakowska made by Jakub Zawadziński
2 Szopka krakowska made by Marzena Dłużniewska
3 Szopka krakowska made by Józef Madej
4 Detailansicht der Krippe made by Marzena Dłużniewska


Events in November

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Saturday Market

Every Saturday, 9am-2pm

Plagwitzer Markthalle, Markranstädter Straße 8

The market offers regional and organic food, from sweet to salty. Enjoy the colorful atmosphere and have a coffee or soft drink!


Creative Market

November 4, 5

Agra Leipzig

The market is “an alternative to online platforms for handmade products […]. With our event, we offer a platform for all the small manufactories and designers who still produce and sell their products themselves with heart and soul. This is the place to network and sell.”


The magic flute – Mozart


November 4, 11, 12, 19, 24, 19

Opera Leipzig

“Welcome to the mysterious fairy-tale world of the »Magic Flute«! Even the names of the characters sound magical and remind us of our first visits to the opera: Tamino, Pamina, Papageno, Sarastro … Hardly any other work of opera literature includes so many contradictory elements, so harmoniously combined into a coherent entity by Mozart’s music. […]“


Alphaville & Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg


November 7

Gewandhaus Leipzig

“Alphaville, the largest German synth-pop export and creator of the legendary 80s hymns “Big in Japan”, “Sounds like a Melody” and »Forever Young», take the step into the symphonic. […] In this sense, to completely rearrange the biggest hits of Alphaville from 40 years of band history and re-record with the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg is a logical step and at the same time a masterpiece.”

Events in October

Picture credits: Susann Jehnichen –


DOK Leipzig

Movie streaming

October 8 – 15

Various locations

The International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (DOK Leipzig) is the largest German festival for artistic documentary and the oldest one in the world. The programme is very varied, rich and international.


Things That Were Are Things Again

Ongoing exhibition

Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig

Things That Were Are Things Again is an attempt to realise a climate-neutral collection exhibition. Together with artists and designers, we are testing sustainable strategies to reduce the GfZK’s energy consumption and enable recycling processes. The works on display – which include installations, photography, painting, sculpture, video works and interventions in the GfZK garden – bear witness to a careful use of resources and focus on social interaction and a regard for diverse living beings.“


OSTLichter-Stadtteilkulturfestival 2023

District festival

September 1 until October 15

Various events at various locations

The festival is a joint project of the association of the association MÜHLSTRASSE 14 e.V. and the cultural office of the city of Leipzig. The festival reflects the diversity of the east of Leipzig and attracts visitors with a variety of different cultural events in the urban area.

Events in September

Picture credits: ; Wolfgang Henne, 2022, blue zero, wir sind alle haftungsbeschränkt, am gefrierpunkt; Siebdruck; Foto NSG, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn


100 Sächsische Grafiken – UNTER NULL / 100 Saxon graphics – UNDER ZERO


Until September 10

Museum für Druckkunst Leipzig

“For the third time, the Museum für Druckkunst is presenting the show curated by the Neue Sächsische Galerie Chemnitz. The 14th edition of the Biennale of Saxon Printmaking features 100 works by 66 artists who approach the theme of UNDER ZERO from different directions.”


Re-Connect. Art and Conflict in Brotherland

Until September 10

Museum of Fine Arts

“The MdbK is showing a three-part exhibition on the history of immigration in the GDR and its consequences. The first part will present works by artists from the so-called socialist brother countries. […] The second part of the exhibition is dedicated to the promotion of young artists. […] The final part of the exhibition will address the taboo of racism in the GDR and the living conditions of contract workers, foreign students and their descendants. […]”


Intercultural Week

September 24 until October 1

Various events at various locations

“The Intercultural Week constitutes a framework for people from various social circles to meet and communicate with one another. Its message can be encapsulated in three notions: ‘Meeting’, ‘Participation’ and ‘Integration’. It is in times of growing political populism that the Intercultural Week sends a clear signal for loyal and fair cooperation.”

Events in August

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Leipziger Markt Musik


August 4-13

Market place

“Experience unforgettable live concerts under the open sky, accompanied by culinary delights and a real treat for the senses.”


Water Festival

August 11 to August 13


The cheerful spectacle will go into the next round. Leipzigers and their guests can once again look forward to three days of interaction, fun and entertainment on Leipzig’s waterways between the city harbor and Lindenau Harbor, the Elster flood bed and the Karl Heine Canal.



Music festival

August 26, 3pm

Various events at various locations

Various musicians and bands entertain the eastern part of Leipzig. The street festival provides a buffet as well as an adventure playground for children.



Events in July

Picture credits:, Analog Art Photography


Jewish Week

June 25 to July 2

Various events at various locations

Leipzig celebrates the 15th Jewish Week from June 25 to July 2, 2023, which is organized every two years by the Cultural Office of the City of Leipzig together with the Cultural Center Ariowitsch-Haus e. V. Visitors can experience the diversity of Jewish art and culture at more than 100 events. More than 60 institutions and associations are involved in the program.


Analog Art Photography

Ongoing exhibition


„Out of love for photography, this heartfelt project was launched in 2020 by Thomas Hankel. After more than 30 years of photography, from KB to large format, he founded his own gallery. Since it would become boring quite fast, if you always see only your own pictures, he invited his colleagues and comrades-in-arms to join him.“

Current exhibitions by: Sarah Zak und Mihai Barabancea


Christopher-Street-Day Leipzig


July 15


The protest march through the city centre focuses on the current societal situation of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, asexual people, trans and non-binary people. The CSD Leipzig is organized by an association of NPOs, initiatives, self-help groups, student councils, artists and committed private people.

Events in May

Picture credits: Maria Lassnig, Über die Präzision der Gefühle (On the Precision of Feelings), 1992 © Maria Lassnig Stiftung / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2023. Photo: Roland Krauss


Before/After. Destruction of cultural sites in Ukraine

Exhibition from February 25 until May 31

German National Library;jsessionid=0F85EE6F3182E97EFFD9CD9ADF355EE0.intranet661

„The invading Russian forces have been destroying Ukraine’s cultural sites and heritage since the very first day. The war is murdering people, ravaging cities and infrastructures, and leaving devastation, misery and ruin in its wake. As preservers of cultural identity, museums and libraries have been hit particularly hard: the war has already laid waste to well over 500 cultural institutions and areas of public life. Valuable testimonies to Ukrainian and European identity have been lost forever.“


ART DECO PORCELLAIN. From the collection Prof. Peter W. Schatt

Ongoing exhibition


„Located somewhere between ornament and utilitarian object, the porcelain jars of the 1920s and early 1930s captivate with playful forms, teasing handles and great joy of colour. The abstraction of nature with leaf and vine motifs, decorations with an expressive style and strict geometries interpenetrate here. The so-called jagged style of the adjoining pillar hall can also be found on a small scale in the exhibits in the display cases.“


Maria Lassnig: On the Precision of Feelings

Ongoing exhibition

Academy of fine arts Leipzig

With the exhibition Maria Lassnig: On the Precision of Feelings, the Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig presents the development of the Austrian artist’s drawn oeuvre. Around 60 drawings will be shown, which were produced between 1947 and 2012 and primarily depict the female body using a differentiated register of sensations. In addition, a selection of Lassnig’s animated films can be seen, which she made in the 1970s proceeding from her “body awareness drawings” in the context of feminist movements in New York.“

Events in March

Internationale Wochen gegen Rassismus / International Weeks agains racism

Throughout March

Programme: to be announced

Here you find further information.

The programme of the international weeks will be announced at the beginning of March. We can expect various events – discussions, workshops, films, information evenings, get-togethers, exhibitions – by different persons, organisations etc.

Hidden Places at the German National Library

March 17, 4 pm

Guided tour

German National Library

„What could be more exciting than taking a look behind the scenes? With over 600 rooms, the German National Library in Leipzig is a veritable El Dorado of unique spaces and stories. This evening tour offers a look behind some of the usually locked doors in one of Germany’s biggest libraries.“

Es war zweimal / Twice upon a time

March 8, 9, 31

Dance performance

Theater der Jungen Welt

The world as we know it – two dancers turn it upside down, full of joy of discovery. A tête-à-tête of reality and fantasy. A piece for the very young and for all those who prefer to experience theatre in a more relaxed atmosphere.“


Picture credits: Stadt Leipzig (

Events in February

Picture credits: VG Bild-Kunst Bonn 2022 / SOMAAP; Olga Cota: La vendedora de frutas, 1951



During February

Movies in English

„This year, five films are appearing in BRITFILMS, which are not only interesting for all age groups from 8 to 18, but also reflect the diversity of English-language film, from the dreary suburbs in which one of the protagonists has to spend the summer in a disgruntled mood to the wild, colorful imagination of a young sibling couple.”


Olga Costa. Dialogues with Mexican Modernism

Ongoing exhibition

Museum der bildenden Künste

„In her adopted country of Mexico, the Leipzig-born artist Olga Costa (1913–1993) has long been known as one of the most important and popular protagonists of Mexican modernism. The Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig is now dedicating a major exhibition to her in her native city. It is also the first time that Costa’s work is being made accessible in a monographic exhibition in Europe. Her multifaceted oeuvre comprises mainly paintings, but also drawings and prints as well as tapestries and a wall design in the form of a mosaic. The exhibition offers an opportunity to become acquainted with Costa’s work in this range of media and in the context of other Mexican artists.“



February 4, 10 and 12

Musical drama

Opera Leipzig

In German with German and English subtitles 

Princess Salome lives in the decadent court of her mother, Herodias, and stepfather, Herod. Like a voice from another world, the prophet Jochanaan calls to her from his prison cell in the palace dungeon. She projects her sensual desires on to the very man who cannot be tempted by worldly pleasures. His disdain for her cements her plan: if she can’t have the man, then at least she can have his head on a platter. In her final monologue, which is a dialogue with the prophet’s decapitated head, is simultaneously an ecstatic and tragic love song: “If you had seen me, Jochanaan, you would have loved me.”

Events in January 2023

Picture credits Rolf Arnold:



January 13 & 20


Opera Leipzig

„Ballet by Mirko Mahr | Music by Georges Bizet and Rodion Konstantinowitsch Shchedrin.
Carmen is the personification of the ill-fated woman. Mirko Mahr uses the sensual language of dance to retell Carmen’s pure provocation against society as a timeless myth to an adolescent audience.“


The Visit (by Friedrich Dürrenmatt)

January 13 & 22


Schauspiel Leipzig

With English subtitles

„The city of Güllen was once rich. Now she is looking into the abyss of financial bankruptcy. There is a threat of sell-off and seizure. In this fatal situation, the residents expect nothing more — except for a visit from an old lady, the multi-millionaire Claire Zachanassian. She takes to the stage in her hometown with a quirky entourage of butlers, gangsters and the company of her husband no. 7. Claire proposes a lucrative deal, a deal that promises money for the city. New wealth on a single condition: a billion for the corpse of her former lover Alfred Ill.”


Romeo and Juliet

January 7, 18 & 26


Schauspiel Leipzig

With English subtitles

Everything is based on a dispute between two families, which has become so entrenched that the reason is no longer an issue. To their ridicule, the families’ only children become lovers. Romeo and Juliet meet at a party and fall in love at first sight. The parents’ argument does not prevent them from being together: they get married in secret. This could be an occasion for reconciliation of both camps. But their promise to each other is put to the test: Juliet is to marry another man, Romeo is pushed into a fight with her cousin and becomes his murderer. […] But none of this stops the lovers from wanting to be together. Even the last frontier, the most radical decision because it is irreversible, both choose to be united forever.”