Picture credits: Bach Museum Leipzig: https://www.bachmuseumleipzig.de/de/bach-museum/b-hne-frei-f-r-johann-sebastian-bach


Exhibition 300 Years Bach in Leipzig (Act 3 Bach’s Music becomes a model)

Ongoing exhibition until 24 March 2024. Exhibition is in German and English.

Bach Museum Leipzig


This is the third part of an exhibition to celebrate 300 years since Bach became cantor in Leipzig.

“Bach’s oeuvre has influenced artists of very different styles and led them down new paths of composition. But how did Bach’s music become a model? The final act of the anniversary exhibition »Clear the stage for J. S. Bach« is dedicated to this question. Starting with characteristic features of his compositional art – the strong full voices or the secrets of his harmonies – the show explores the timeless and boundless impact of Bach’s music: from Beethoven’s Great Fugue to Berg’s Violin Concerto and Hindemith’s Ludus tonalis to the jazz arrangements of Jacques Loussier. Interactive stations and games bring to life how Bach’s compositions became global hits and inspired stars such as the Beatles, Sting and Lady Gaga.”



by George Orwell


Performance in English language

Tuesday 6 February 2024, 5pm and 8pm

Schauspiel Leipzig


“Paul Stebbings directs a thriller and a love story, a mind game and an end game. Illuminated by a modern rock score from Christian Auer this production aims to tell what may be the greatest story of our time as we stumble towards an “Orwellian” future where Big Brother is watching YOU.”


Things That Were Are Things Again

Ongoing exhibition

Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig


Things That Were Are Things Again is an attempt to realise a climate-neutral collection exhibition. Together with artists and designers, we are testing sustainable strategies to reduce the GfZK’s energy consumption and enable recycling processes. The works on display – which include installations, photography, painting, sculpture, video works and interventions in the GfZK garden – bear witness to a careful use of resources and focus on social interaction and a regard for diverse living beings. Expanding the contents of the collection, we have invited local and international artists including Kent Chan, Katarína Dubovská, Inga Kerber and Sean Snyder, whose works highlight the technological, political, economic and cultural dimensions of climate change.”