Picture credits: Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig (https://shop.kunstkraftwerk-leipzig.com/das-wunderland-von-alice/)


Sandra Mujinga. Fleeting Home.

Ongoing exhibition

Museum of fine arts


The Congolese-Norwegian artist Sandra Mujinga “deals with themes such as identity, queer-feminist issues and historical-futuristic fictions” in her works. The current exhibition was conceived by her “especially for the large terrace of the MdbK. The space, framed by huge glass surfaces, will be populated by monumental structures made of metal and woven fabric that look like a group of primordial organisms in motion. These messengers from another world fleetingly brush against us on their journey, it seems, only to leave us with existential questions about our own species and its future”

Sachsen hebt seine Schätze [Saxony unearths its treasures]

Ongoing Exhibition

Naturkundemuseum Leipzig


The travelling exhibition of the Saxon State Office for the Environment, Agriculture and Geology will be on display at the Naturkundemuseum. “The history of the Free State is closely linked to its geology, with silver ore and porcelain in particular having made Saxony famous worldwide.”

Das Wunderland von Alice [The Wonderland of Alice]

Light show / exhibition

October until 21 January 2024



“The all-time classic as a digital work of art. A modern wonderland, based on the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll from 1865. The immersive 3D shows take up the story of Alice and take visitors on an enchanting journey into a fantastic daydream.”