Upcycling ideas

Library Leipzig/Gohlis



In cooperation with the district library Leipzig Gohlis the idea of an upcycling workshop emerged. Due to the pandemic an online format was found that provides its viewers with creative ideas on how to upcycle textiles, kitchenware, decorative items etc.


Opera in two acts: Die Zauberflöte (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

Opera Leipzig

January 16, 2022 6pm


“This delightful mélange of tragic opera, mysterious magic game, and droll popular theater defies all attempts at classification. Mozart’s last work for the stage is at once a fairy tale and theater for the ages, written in a world on the cusp of historic and social upheaval.”

Internet project based on texts by Franz Kafka,

Schauspiel Leipzig



in German only; 4 episodes

Inspired by video conferences followed by bad reception, image interferences etc., the play connects today’s daily problems with the protagonist of Kafka’s “Schloss”. On his way looking for connections to the residents, K. wanders through a surreal parable. The Internet project by regisseur Philipp Preuss contains four episodes.


Bildquelle: Oper Leipzig; https://www.oper-leipzig.de/en/programm/die-zauberflote/92200