Vernissage: Harry Hachmeister

Museum der bildenden Künste

February 2, 6pm

“The show takes the form of an ongoing construction setup, incorporating elements of a building site and a fitness studio, where Hachmeister shows ceramics, reverse glass paintings and regular paintings. The design of the exhibition space gives it the feel of a snapshot of an ongoing reconstruction, frozen in dignified stillness.”

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February 5, 7pm

February 11, 7pm

“At the center of Edward Clug’s full-length narrative ballet created for the Ballett Zürich is the driven, doubting, selfish intellectual Faust. The musical basis for the piece, which marks the first time Clug – the head of the Slovenian National Ballet Maribor – appears at the Leipzig Ballet, comes from Milko Lazar, one of the most renowned Slovenian composers.”


Vernissage: Bilderkosmos Leipzig (‘Picture cosmos Leipzig’)

Museum der bildenen Künste

February 9, 6pm

The exhibition shows various art pieces about Leipzig from 1905 until now, 2022.

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1985 – Movie Streaming

Passage Kino

February 23, 8pm

English with German subtitles

Visiting his conservative family in Texas for Christmas, the young and successful advertising agent Adrian Lester struggles with telling them about him being gay. He also wants to talk with them about the possibility that this could be his last visit…