Picture Credit: Philipp Kirschner (https://www.urbanite.net/leipzig/events/leipziger-weihnachtsmarkt/2022-12-18/) 


Christmas Market

November 22 – December 23

Concerts, culinary offers

Market Square


„The tradition of the Leipzig Christmas market dates back to 1458, making it the second oldest in Germany. Due to its unique cultural and culinary offerings in the pedestrian-friendly, illuminated city center, it has acquired a legendary reputation. The Christmas product range is framed by highlights such as the organ music and performances of the Christmas Oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach in the Leipzig churches, the trumpeter performances on the tower of the Old Town Hall, the Christmas show of the Krystallpalast Varieté and last but not least the Fairytale Forest and the Santa Claus office hours.“


Nachhall im Museum (Echo in the museum)

December 12, 10 am


Theater der Jungen Welt


In German and Arabic

„In faraway Damascus, with Nunu and his family, lives a little bird called »Elsewhere (Anderswo)«. One day, however, it is not he who is elsewhere, but the family. For it is war. Will he see his friend Nunu again?“


Johann Sebastian Bach „Weihnachtsoratorium“ (Christmas Oratorio)

December 26, 7.30 pm


Peterskirche Leipzig


Enjoy gentle solo voices, atmospheric choral music as well as a great orchestra at one of the most active churches of Leipzig.