Picture credits: https://www.analog-art-photography.de/galerie/, Analog Art Photography


Jewish Week

June 25 to July 2

Various events at various locations


Leipzig celebrates the 15th Jewish Week from June 25 to July 2, 2023, which is organized every two years by the Cultural Office of the City of Leipzig together with the Cultural Center Ariowitsch-Haus e. V. Visitors can experience the diversity of Jewish art and culture at more than 100 events. More than 60 institutions and associations are involved in the program.


Analog Art Photography

Ongoing exhibition



„Out of love for photography, this heartfelt project was launched in 2020 by Thomas Hankel. After more than 30 years of photography, from KB to large format, he founded his own gallery. Since it would become boring quite fast, if you always see only your own pictures, he invited his colleagues and comrades-in-arms to join him.“

Current exhibitions by: Sarah Zak und Mihai Barabancea


Christopher-Street-Day Leipzig


July 15



The protest march through the city centre focuses on the current societal situation of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, asexual people, trans and non-binary people. The CSD Leipzig is organized by an association of NPOs, initiatives, self-help groups, student councils, artists and committed private people.