Flea Market

April 1, 10am to 4pm

Flea market

Feinkost Leipzig


Various clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, perfumes, decoration – shopping lovers will find something for their own closet for sure! Culinary delicacies prettify the shopping Sunday!

Photo Source: https://www.leipzig-leben.de

Independence! Photographs from Ukraine 1991-2022

Ongoing exhibition


„The works of well-known Ukrainian photographers in our photo exhibition illustrate that the outbreak of war is not the beginning, but the dramatic escalation of a conflict between two states that has existed for a long time. They tell of the eventful history of the second largest European country since its independence in 1991.“



The Music City of Leipzig in the Nazi Era

Ongoing exhibition

Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig


Thanks to its rich heritage of music, Leipzig managed to preserve its outstanding position in Germany’s music world from 1933 to 1945. On seizing power 90 years ago, the Nazis began systematically enforcing conformity in the music scene. Concert houses and music theatres were highly regulated, “undesirable” artists were ousted, unwanted composers were omitted from programmes and banned from churches and concert halls. This campaign culminated in the banishment and annihilation of Jewish musicians and music publishers. At the same time, the illusion of the “flourishing city of music” was preserved. Quite a few renowned composers, soloists, lecturers and conductors benefited from the “newly vacated” positions or ingratiated themselves into the system.“