Once a year, all the different project partners gather together at an intercultural event. Guest researchers, project coordinators from the different research institutions and representatives of the project partners are invited to explore an interesting spot in Leipzig’s cultural landscape. In the past we have thrown a summer party at the university’s IBZ guesthouse, visited Leipzig Zoo and enjoyed a tour of the ape area “Pongoland”, and attended an exhibition in the Mendelssohn House about the remarkable composer.

Scientists from different backgrounds, countries and research institutions can network and exchange views about their experiences and challenges in Leipzig and their areas of research. The project coordinators get the chance to meet each other and talk about concerns they face in their daily contact with guest researchers. It is especially enriching that the City of Leipzig itself also participates, sending representatives from different authorities. Everybody gains a lot from the opportunity to meet the other participants in person and talk about topics related to the welcoming of international guest researchers in Leipzig or simply get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere.