The “City Crash Festival” takes place in Leipzig again. After a two-year break, this festival is going to present various kinds of art in Werk 2 at Connewitzer Kreuz. The event connects music, scene and artwork far off the mainstream conception of culture and art. The festival is an opportunity for young and unknown artists to present their work to an audience. Therefore, parts of the building are transformed into an exhibition where visitors can gain an insight of the artists’ work. In the exhibition street art, paintings, sculptures and other kinds of art regarding this year’s topic “Happiness” are shown.

Besides the exhibition, visitors can listen to different musicians, watch short movies and have some nice BBQ food and cold drinks in the outside area. Moreover, poetry slammers are going to present their thoughts regarding “Happiness”. In the evenings different DJs are playing at the after show parties.

The festival takes place on August 23 and 24. Visitors can buy tickets for the whole festival (20€), for one day (13€) or just for the exhibition (5€).


Werk 2
Kochstraße 132
04277 Leipzig


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[Photo: © Stadt Leipzig / Vivid Symphony , information taken from:]