In August, Leipzig is showing its musical site again. Therefore, nothing less than the scenery of the Old Town Hall is chosen. In front of the historical building, the event “Leipziger Markt Musik” will take place. This open-air event connects many kinds of music and delights young and old. Visitors can choose between popular music, music films, orchestral music and more. The Leipzig Philharmonic Orchestra, the Big Band of the Music School Leipzig and others will perform the music. Moreover, music films will show recordings of classical music pieces and poetry slammers get the opportunity to express themselves about the musical pleasure. Beside the music you can enjoy food and drinks of different gastronomes from Leipzig.

Visitors can enjoy the concerts and shows from August 2 to August 11 every day between 3 p.m. and 10 p.m. at the market place in front of the Old Town Hall. The entry is free.


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